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Eta Purification is a young and innovative Indian technology company offering advanced disinfection/sterilization systems utilizing innovative and environmentally-sound micro-cavity plasma technology. Our flagship COSMO (Complete Sterilization by Micro-plasma Oxidation) systems presents an opportunity to purify the essential elements (water, air & environment) without the use of any harsh chemicals, thereby setting a sustainable purification pathway.

COSMO is a time tested NextGen technology innovated to operate effectively in resource constrained conditions. Backed by more than 15 years of research and engineering and protected by more than 70 international patents, we offer efficient and effective sterilization technology for tomorrow. Our philosophy is to utilize our innovative technology to create social impact in the society using green principles. Eta Purification welcomes Industries and Institutions to invest in our reliable, durable and sustainable systems to safeguard our planet.

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COSMO Fighting Covid-19

COSMO for Safe & Effective Disinfection

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Chennai Metro Rail Limited becomes the first metro in the country to use micro-plasma systems to disinfect trains and stations to fight Covid-19.
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